Waterbird Count, Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015

On Tuesday Ed Pike went to McGalpin Point to count waterbirds.  it turned out to be a very quiet morning as far as waterbirds were concerned.  There were high west to northwest winds with 5 to 7 ft. waves and it rained and drizzled till I left at 9:45am.

The only birds flying other than the local Cormorants and some gulls was 1 immature Bald Eagle which as with the eagles from yesterday flew from the UP to the lower and 1 Great Egret which flew slowly from the northeast to the southwest about 40 ft. above the waves.  The Egret was flying slowly because of the strong winds he was flying into.  Amazingly enough 1 passerine flew in from the north and disappeared into the trees (probably really happy to reach trees).