Hawk Watch, May 19

http://janellenichol.com/new-fashion-series-mixed-media-artwork-by-janelle-nichol/leather-lace-shoe-mixed-assemblage-shoe-artwork-janelle-nichol/ Birds were flying incredibly high in today’s clear blue sky. It was a struggle to find them and keep track of them. Thankfully, these birds were largely crossing the straits without fuss. There was a relatively good movement of Broad-wingeds, but we have still not achieved the numbers we should have had by now. Tomorrow has strong, easterly winds in store….

description Highlights: A single American White Pelican and 2 local Peregrine Falcons hunting together.

Turkey Vulture – 39
Bald Eagle – 4
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 5
Broad-winged Hawk – 329
Red-tailed Hawk – 31