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buy cytotec without prescription Clear skies in the morning with high cirrus with light East wind thru out the day becoming completely overcast with heavy clouds moving up from the south.6 Bald Eagles and 1 Golden Eagle were seen plus 1 Rough-legged hawk plus plus 1 Gyrfalcon!!! Steve Baker shouted out to me Falcon! Saw the large falcon  on the whitish side disappearing into the woodlot at Darrow’s could not relocate. Never can tell what might show up! Tomorrow sounds like a snow storm.

Whitefish Point Recapture

We were unable to band last night due to the weather. Unfortunately, the next couple of nights don’t look too promising either.

Despite not being able to open nets, we did learn something interesting yesterday. We learned that an owl we captured on Monday that already had a band, was banded last spring in Whitefish Point. This was our first foreign recapture of the season!


Winds out of the NW in the  beginning of the day turning more to the W with clouds building thru the afternoon  clearing later in the day. Had 26 Bald Eagles with  4 being immatures, one light morph Rough-legged Hawk that Steve Baker found flying right overhead ,thanks Steve! 6 Golden Eagles with 1 immature that put on a nice low show overhead,3 Merlins   today with 2 of them buzzing the feeders maybe the local pair are back! Turkey Vultures are back  and late in the day 4 came in bringing a friend 1 Black Vulture flying about 200 ft. overhead!

81 Eagle day

Blue skies today with temp around 30 with light east wind. 45 Bald Eagles  and 36 Golden Eagle with one very nice immature that came at the end of the day soaring  low directly  overhead! One Peregrine and 1 Northern Goshawk and one Rough-legged hawk also came flying by.

March 13

Strong East winds with high cirrus  and a front moving up from the south push a good flight of eagles today .30 Golden Eagles and 46 Bald eagles were seen today!FOS of the northern Harrier a female plus 1 Pergrine and one Merlin along with 3 Rough-legged hawks were counted today. 2 Sandhill Cranes  were seen flying past.