Another visit from a Barred Owl

12 October 2014

We had a little bit of a slow start to the night, but ended up banding 10 more saw-whets and one more barred owl. There was a time when I thought barred owls were docile birds, but I have completely changed my mind after handling the last two really grouchy ones. Nothing really compares to saw-whets and their sweet disposition, I guess.

The official count so far is 85 northern saw-whets and 2 barred owls!

I’d like to thank the Straits Area Audubon for coming out last night. What a great turn out with 20 people! I’d also like to thank Darrell Lawson for all of his help, moral support, and good conversation last night and into the early morning hours. He stayed until we wrapped up the nets!

Photo by Darrell Lawson