Winds from the east…

…the owling is least? It’s true. Fishing isn’t  the only thing that takes a dive with an east wind. I shouldn’t complain, though, because we did catch six more saw-whets last night. That seems to be our magic number lately, which isn’t bad-it’s better than zero. Having said that, it was a slow start to what I thought would be a busy night. Just after sunset, I saw a large owl (probably a long-eared) flying south and heard a whip-poor-will calling, so I figured the birds would really be moving through.

The nets were lonely for the first few net checks, but at 2230 hrs we had two in the net-both hatch year birds. The remaining four owls were caught between 2330 hrs and 0630 hrs. One of the four was actually banded by us on 26 Sept and was a gram heavier than she was five days ago. I think it’s interesting that she hasn’t moved on, especially with the nasty weather we just had.

As always, I’m looking forward to what tonight brings.