85 Golden Eagles!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARemember the record 70 Golden Eagles we counted on 17 March? Well, it didn’t take long to beat it! Our hawk counter, Kevin Georg, counted 85 just a few days later on 21 March (Sorry for the delay in reporting that!) We have also seen an increase in other migrants in the last several days, too. For example, on 24 March, the daily total consisted of 2 Northern Harriers (our first of the season), 1 Cooper’s Hawk, 16 Red-shouldered Hawks, 144 Red-tailed Hawks, 1 Rough-legged Hawk, 2 Merlins, 3 Turkey Vultures, 28 Bald Eagles, and 7 Golden Eagles. Our total for Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles so far this month are 185 and 254, respectively. Stay tuned for results from our owl surveys, which are now under way each day from dusk until dawn (weather permitting).