The rain showers ended earlier than expected last night and the banding station was up and running just after 2000 hours. Still, the WNW winds (gusting to 25 mph) were pretty brutal most of the night, which definitely had an impact on the movement. In fact, the first saw-whet wasn’t captured until 0200 hours when the winds died down to about 10 mph…thirty minutes AFTER the group of students from Sault College left (You called it, Rob). That’s usually how it works out, isn’t it? I appreciate everyone sticking around as long as they did though. As you all know, that’s just the nature of wildlife surveys, eh?

Even after the winds died down, the nets didn’t see much action. Between 0200 hours and 0700 hours, five Northern Saw-whets Owls were captured and banded. I am pleased to say that we are now just over 200 birds.

Based on the two weather forecasts I’ve looked at for tonight, I’m banking on a busy evening. Light north winds becoming calm after midnight! Stay tuned.

NSWO: 201

Our 200th Northern Saw-whet Owl of the 2015 Fall banding season. Photo by Selena Creed