Lots O’ Long-tails

While the count was generally pretty slow on Saturday, October 31st, there were plenty of Long-tailed Ducks moving.  Almost 500 (497) were counted heading west, compared to a meager 72 going east.  Other than Long-tails, a few Bufflehead, Common Mergansers, and White-winged Scoters were seen.  Twenty-five American Crows was a relatively light number compared to recent counts.  They were joined by three Common Ravens.  Two Bonaparte’s Gulls flying east were a highlight.  Here is the total breakdown of the count.

Species East West
Common Loon 1 1
Mallard 5 0
Long-tailed Duck 72 497
Bufflehead 0 3
Duck sp. 0 108
White-winged Scoter 0 13
Red-necked Grebe 0 1
Common Merganser 0 4
Greater Scaup 3 0
Bonaparte’s Gull 2 0