Owl Banding Season Begins!

I am happy to say our first night of owl banding this spring was a success.  Ed Pike, Kim Edgington and I kicked off the season with a half-night of banding.  It was a clear night, with temperatures in the low 30’s and upper 20’s.  The moon was about ¾ full and winds were calm.

We set up a Northern Saw-whet Owl lure and ended up banding two of them.  The first saw-whet was a male, and the second was a female. Both birds were ATY (after-third-year). We almost caught a Barred Owl, but it managed to get itself loose right before we got to it.

Tonight we will have all of our nets set up and plan to band the entire night.  The forecast shows temperatures in the upper 20’s and partly cloudy skies with NW winds of 11mph.

I am excited to be banding owls this season and will continue to post updates!