Owl Banding, April 14/15

It was a pleasant night with clear skies and temperatures in the low 40’s and upper 30’s.  Winds were out of the southeast at approximately 10 mph.

We banded two Northern Saw-whet Owls and one Long-eared Owl.  It was our second night using a LEOW audio lure, and the bird was captured adjacent to it.  This was our second LEOW of the season, and just like the first one, it was an after second year female.

We were unable to determine the sex of one of the saw-whets, and the other was a female.  The “unknown” saw-whet was a third year bird, and the female was a second year bird.

There was a lone salamander crawling around on the ice last night!  We moved it over to a patch of ground that was thawed.

Two American Robins found their way in to our nets early this morning, and there was a couple of Eastern Phoebes outside of our cabin.

The forecast for tonight looks similar to last night.  We have the Straits Area Audubon coming out for a visit and hope to show them some owls!