Owl Banding, Season Summary

The Spring 2016 owl banding season has officially come to an end.

I must apologize because I made a mistake while counting, and our total number of owls is even lower than I thought!  Despite having low numbers this season, our data is still valuable.

Banding efforts took place for a total of 372.4 hours.  Nets were open for all or part of 43 nights.

We captured a total of 82 owls (76 NSWO, 6 LEOW).

Six of the 76 saw-whets were recaptures, originally banded in locations including Whitefish Point, Indiana, and Canada.  7% were male, 88% were female, and 5% were unknown.  46% were second year birds, 17% were third year birds, and 37% were after third year birds.

Barred Owls and Great Horned Owls were detected in the area, but were not captured.

Kim and I both enjoyed working for MSRW this season.  Kim will be returning to band owls in the fall and I will be off to grad school!  Thank you to all for your support throughout the season.