Owl Banding 10/27/16

Point LaBarbe, St. Ignace, MI
Night of October 27th, 2016

After a night off due to heavy rain and winds, movement was still pretty low and I caught only 7 Northern Saw-whets last night. The night started calm, with winds low until around 4 AM, it increased quickly from 2-3 mph up to an average of 9 mph with gusts up to 18. A light rain started at 6 AM, causing me to close a little early for the night.  I only totaled 6 new birds and 1 repeat from 27 days ago. Of the new birds caught 4 were female (1 hatch year, 2 second years, and 1 after second year), and 2 were males (1 second year, and 1 after second year).