Owl Banding 9/29/16

Point LaBarbe, St. Ignace, MI
Night of September 29th, 2016

Northeast winds kept our banding effort slow, but by morning we had a total of 12 Saw-whets netted. Only 10 of the birds received new bands, as one was a recapture from a foreign station and the other was a bird we banded here the previous night. The bird that was banded the previous night, a hatch year female, had lost 8 grams of body weight in one day. As with most nights, almost all the birds netted were female (10 total), one bird was males, one bird was unknown. The unknown bird was aged as an after second year as well as one of the females, but the rest were all hatch year birds. Bad weather is in the forecast, but hopefully more birds will be moving South in front of the storm.