Owl Banding 11/08/16

Point LaBarbe, St. Ignace, MI
Night of November 8th, 2016

The season is finally coming to an end. In the last 4 nights we’ve been averaging 2-3 birds a night and have even had a night with 0 birds. On the night of the 7th, high winds cut the night short and it was the first night we haven’t had any birds since the very first day of the banding season on September 20th! Last night was better; though numbers were low we were treated to a Long-eared Owl at 5 AM, a hatch year with sex unknown. We also caught 2 Saw-whets for the night, 1 after second year unknown and 1 hatch year female. There are 2 more nights left in the season, but high winds are in the forecast. We’ve caught 546 owls this season… can we make it to 550?