An interesting day of counting; April 1

Today started off slow with clear skies and west winds. Around 11 am the raptors started moving. At noon along with 47 normal Red-tail we saw 2 Leucistic Red-tail which both were almost all white; they appeared about 10 minutes apart with both moving from the south to the north in the same area of the sky with other Red-tails that disappeared across the Straits and both of these white birds moved north disappearing with the others. Then right after 3 pm a third white Red-tail appeared from the south-east moving up with some other Red-tail and all these birds also moved north and disappeared moving across the Strait.Because of the way they moved north we believe we saw 3 different white Red-tails. By 3:30 the winds changed to the WSW and the migration stopped.
First Sharp-shinned today.
Total 163 Red-tail, 1 light and 2 dark Rough-legged, 8 Red-shouldered, 7 Turkey Vulture, 3 Northern Harrier, 1 Sharp-shinned and 13 Sandhill Crane.
Surprisingly no Golden Eagles today and only some local Bald Eagles.
Tomorrow with the nice weather predicted it should be a really good day for migration.