Good Raptor flight even with east winds for April 2

Sunday was a really nice day with light east winds and warm temps in the 50’s. Just before 10 am the Turkey Vultures lifted off and formed a kettle which built to 26 birds before they moved north. We started at the Recreation Center then at 12:30 moved to Darrow’s site. The Raptors kept moving in good numbers till 3pm when most raptors slowed down but a few Golden Eagles came through and several Rough-legged Hawks moved through. In the morning a flock of 30 Snow Buntings appeared. Then while at Darrow’s around 2:30 a flock of 75 Snow Buntings appeared. Also seen at Darrow’s site was a Northern Shrike. Totals for the day: Red-tail 367, Rough-legged 16 light morph and 11 dark morph, Red-shouldered 1, Turkey Vulture 135, Bald Eagle 6, Golden Eagle 4, Sharp-shinned 5, ands Cooper’s 1. Made for a good day at the Hawk Watch with several visitors who enjoyed the show.
A big thanks to Bryant Eddy from Lake City; a volunteer who helpped at the Hawk Watch all week.