Hawk Watch, April 23

The first three hours had very little movement, besides some Turkey Vultures going south. Between 10:00am and 12:00pm it was periodically drizzling, but finally at noon it cleared a bit and birds started moving. It would’ve been pretty nice out if not for a brisk NW wind. The cloud cover started to disperse by 3:00pm and afterward it was pretty nice. Raptors were flying very high, but we still had some nice kettles over our heads a few times. Migrant numbers were fairly low, though a nice amount of Broad-winged Hawks moved through. It was also our best Osprey day of the season.

Also, the Killdeer mother laid her second egg.

Other highlights: at least two Northern Red-tailed Hawks, one dark morph Red-tailed Hawk, and a Sharp-shinned Hawk catching an American Robin.

Turkey Vulture – 44
Osprey – 7
Bald Eagle – 1
Northern Harrier – 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 11
Red-shouldered – 1
Broad-winged Hawk – 192
Red-tailed Hawk – 47
Rough-legged Hawk – 1
Golden Eagle – 2
American Kestrel – 1

Sandhill Crane – 5
Common Loon – 4

Juvenile Northern Red-tailed Hawk