Hawk Watch, April 27

As mentioned by Josh, the weather was quite beautiful today. Having never been in Mackinaw City in June or July, it is rare for me to be so warm here. It was even nice despite the 20mph southerly wind gusts!

I would have figured with the nice temperature, raptor movement would be pretty good. And it was for the first few hours. I guess the bulk of the movement today was largely lift off birds, because come noon the activity completely died off. I’m unsure why, but perhaps the increasingly high winds were unfavorable.

Thankfully tomorrow will see a break from the east winds. Unfortunately, it will be much less warm as well….

Turkey Vulture – 22
Osprey – 4
Bald Eagle – 3
Northern Harrier – 2
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 40
Broad-winged Hawk – 227
Red-tailed Hawk – 15
American Kestrel – 1

Sandhill Crane – 5
Common Loon – 4

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)