Hawk Watch, May 8

Today saw a slight improvement in raptor movement, but not by much. Winds were somewhat calmer and from the WNW. Tomorrow’s westerly winds are even calmer so perhaps that will boost movement more.

Thankfully we are seeing some nice birds despite the low numbers. Golden Eagles have been fairly consistent, with at least 1 most days. Today we had an adult Northern Goshawk, only our third of the season. We also had 2 Rough-legged Hawks today, which will be done migrating before long.

Turkey Vulture – 29
Osprey – 1
Bald Eagle – 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 19
Northern Goshawk – 1
Broad-winged Hawk – 50
Red-tailed Hawk – 19
Rough-legged Hawk – 2
Golden Eagle – 1