Banding Am. Kestrel nestlings

MSRW volunteers Ed Pike, Nick Alito, Francis Whalen and Selena Creed are working with the Am. Kestrel Genoscape Project. They are banding Am. Kestrels, adults and nestlings, and collecting feather samples for DNA testing at a lab at Boise State University. Last Friday, June 16, with the help of Arnie Pokorzynski from Alpena; Ed, Nick, Francis and Selena went to the Alpena area and banded nestlings from 6 nest boxes, a total of 36 nestlings banded. On Sat. June 17 Ed, Nick and Francis checked nest boxes in the Emmet and Cheboygan County area on private property and on Little Traverse Conservancy properties. Five more nest boxes were checked and 7 nestlings were banded. One nest still had eggs and one nest had nestlings too young to band which will require a return trip. A fun couple of days working with Am. Kestrels.