Owl Banding Updates

Good evening loyal blog followers. After having to close early on the night of the 20th, Frances and I were able to keep the nets open all night on the 21st. The night was good as it yielded 5 newly banded Saw-whets despite very foggy and warm conditions which are not the most favourable weather conditions to elicit Saw-whet movement.

The highlights of our banding night included catching 2 second year (SY) male birds. This means both these boys hatched the spring/summer of 2016. Tonight looks like the weather will be good to be open all night again. We hope the owls are plentiful and look forward to sharing all the excitement that ensues!

One of the Second year (SY) males caught

The typical molt pattern exhibited by SY birds. Here the pink feathers are new feathers replaced this year, and the non-fluorescent, dull feathers are feathers retained from last year. In SY birds the outer primaries and innermost secondaries is the pattern of replacement seen.