Raptor Watch at Point LaBarbe Sept. 8,2017

Hello all
Today I headed for Point LaBarbe, although I was getting there a little later than I wanted to, I had hoped to arrive around 11:30. I got to Mackinaw City and the roads were blocked here and there as today was the Tractor parade across the bridge. North bound across the bridge was one lane and was bumper to bumper across the bridge. The only time it took me longer to cross the bridge was when I walked it years ago on Labor Day. So while crawling across the bridge I was able to look occasionally for Raptors and did not see any. After 45 minutes on the bridge (the tractors were going faster at times); I arrived at the Point shortly after noon. As I saw from the bridge there were very few raptors flying. I stayed till 2:30 hoping for some birds with little success. Below is a list of those seen. None were crossing the Straits to the south.
Turkey Vulture 2
N. Harrier 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk 2
Bald Eagle 4 (All seen kettling at the same time)
Am. Kestrel 1

In the next week the Raptors should start moving.