Hawk Count – Oct. 17

Today Ed Pike and Steve Baker counted Raptors with help from Susan Bissell. It was a sunny windy day with strong winds from the Southwest. there were many raptors moving around mostly moving east and west on the point waiting for a time to cross. Some were able to cross to the south and others attempted and returned to Point LaBarbe. It was a good day with a lot of Turkey Vultures and Red-tails. We observed another Dark Red-tail that did not cross the Straits even though it made 2 attempts. The Rough-legged Hawks again showed up with 2 dark morph birds, made for an interesting day. If the winds had slowed we probably would have seen a lot of Raptors crossing the Straits.
Totals below:
Turkey Vulture 209
N. Harrier 2
Sharp-shinned Hawk 70
Red-tailed hawk 65
Rough-legged Hawk 5
Am. Kestrel 2