October Owls

A quick update for all who have been keeping up with the action going on here at Point Labarbe. After a successful night on October 4th Frances and I were open most of October 5th. We were able to band another 10 Saw-whets. It was not a great night for owl movement because of the strong winds. On October 6th we had some visitors from Petoskey join us in the hope of seeing their first Saw-whet. Luckily we were able to net 1 owl which made the night a success! After this we had to close around 1 a.m. in the morning due to heavy rain that persisted the rest of the night. Our season total is currently at 115 Saw-whet owls. Still no news on where our 3 foreign recap owls are from but stay tuned!

Up close  portrait of a Saw-whet owl!