Owl Update 10/14/2017

Yesterday evening winds died down and despite threatening clouds, it only sprinkled briefly before clearing up. 1 previously banded Saw-whet and 27 new owls were captured. Our night of (28) birds brings are Saw-whet total to 197 and our season total to 199 birds. We were once again visited by a group of Sault college students from Ontario. This group also managed to spot 4 blue spotted salamanders, a leopard frog,  a roosting american woodcock, and a plethora of plants.

As well we also received information on another foreign recapture. This bird was originally banded on November 11, 2014 near Fairfield OH, as a HY/F. Then this bird was captured by Whitefish point in Paradise Michigan on May 17 2016. It appears that this owl likes to be captured! We aged it as a after second year (ASY) female. Tonight the wind and rain will keep us closed here. We hope to break 200 owls the next day! Stay tuned friends.