Waterbird Count – 24 October

Another day of rain today at the count, with a spattering foggy drizzle that kept the visibility at under a mile throughout the day. The visibility eventually got so limited in the afternoon that I finished off the count an hour early for the day, unable to see more than a quarter mile or so out. Based on what was visible within the limits of the fog, it seems as though there was a good amount of movement throughout the straits. Several scoters, long-tails, and Mergansers were moving, along with several moderately sized flocks of ducks in the fog. Today’s highlight was a Trumpeter Swan that followed shortly in the wake of a group of Mute Swans to loaf on the waves a hundred yards out from the beach.

Mute Swan – 4
Trumpeter Swan – 1
Aythya sp. – 8
Surf Scoter – 1
White-winged Scoter – 4
Surf/Black Scoter – 9
Scoter sp. – 1
Long-tailed Duck – 12
Common Merganser – 6
Red-breasted Merganser – 5
Merganser sp. – 9
Duck sp. – 72
Red-throated Loon – 1
Horned Grebe – 3
Double-crested Cormorant – 37
Ring-billed Gull – 2
Herring Gull – 3

Other species:
Bald Eagle – 1