Waterbird Count – 26 October

The wind and rain let up today for a calmer day, both in terms of weather and bird activity. Several flocks of ducks, including another Bufflehead, moved through, but with persisting scope issues most were too far out to pick out with just binoculars. Raptors seem like they haven’t had a chance to move in the winds of the last few days, so a small push came over in the nicer weather today. Several groups of Turkey Vultures, a RT Hawk, and a Red-shoulder (the first I’ve had at McGulpin this season) made it over.


Surf Scoter – 1

Surf/Black Scoter – 1

Long-tailed Duck – 24

Bufflehead – 1

Common Merganser – 9

duck sp. – 162

Common Loon – 2

Horned Grebe – 1

Double-crested Cormorant – 8

Ring-billed Gull – 9

Herring Gull – 2


Other species:

Turkey Vulture – 14

Red-shouldered Hawk – 1

Red-tailed Hawk – 3