Hawk Count-October 1st Through 5th

10-1: Total-45; Turkey Vulture-29, Bald Eagle-3. Sharp-shinned-9, Broad-winged-1, Red-tailed-2, Peregrine-1

10-2: Total-245; Turkey Vulture-107, Bald Eagle-18, Sharp-shinned-70, Cooper’s-2, Red-shouldered-6, Broad-winged-5, Red-tailed-30, Kestrel-2, Merlin-1, Peregrine-2, Unknown Buteo-2

10-3: Heavy fog and rain throughout the day resulting in no count

10-4: Total-743; Turkey Vulture-598, Osprey-2, Bald Eagle-4, Harrier-3, Sharpie-37, Cooper’s-1, Red-shouldered-9, Broad-winged-2, Red-tailed-78, Kestrel-3, Peregrine-6

10-5: Total-382; Turkey Vulture-294, Bald Eagle-10, Harrier-1, Sharpie-54, Cooper’s-1, Red-shouldered-2, Red-tailed-14, Kestrel-2, Peregrine-4