The 3rd Armchair challenge

Yellow-rumped warbler perched on the armchair

The answer to last week’s photo is a yellow-rumped warbler. More specifically, this is a myrtle warbler, the now subspecies of yellow-rumped. There is a fair distinction between myrtle and audubon’s warblers in both vocals and plumage. The myrtle warbler has a whiter throat than the audubon’s and browner streaking down back and nape. In the breeding season, the males of this species are some of the most stunning individuals. However, in fall migration, many young birds and adults in basic plumage adopt a brown/grayer coloration that blends them in to the leafless trees.

The photo for this week is another beautiful bird. This species is prevalent throughout the region and is one of the more famous birds in North America. They love to appear from thickets and happily call/sing to all who come near. Good luck!

The 3rd species for the armchair challenge