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Here are some videos that show you just what a raptor watching experience can be like. More videos will be added as they become available. Eventually I will add videos of kettles rather than just single birds, but the single bird videos can be used in conjunction with a field guide to help brush up on identification skills prior to visiting. If your internet speed allows it, I always recommend switching to HD mode. Just click on the little gear icon and change the quality setting to 1080P. Enjoy!

  • Red-shouldered Hawk

    Red-shouldered Hawk
    This video is of a Red-shouldered Hawk that shows the bird from nearly every angle you are likely to see it at the hawk watch site. It makes for a good study of this species. You can watch it, pause it, and review your field guide all at once. You may want to change the youtube settings so that you can view it in HD.
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