1st Edition of the Armchair ID Challenge

Hi there!

Throughout this migration season, I thought that it would be a fun idea to have some bird quizzes so that we can learn and see some of the avian life around us. The last couple of days I have carried my camera out to my survey sites and tried to photograph some birds. I struggled for a while, until I found this lucky armchair. I have already accumulated quite a few good photos of birds perched on or around this piece of wood furniture, and thought it would be a great backdrop for the quiz!

So here is the first edition of the armchair ID challenge. Below is the photo of the bird, a few facts about when and where it was taken, and some information about the mystery bird. I do apologize for the photo qualities, I do not have an eye for the camera! Next week when the second challenge is ready, I’ll release the answer to this week’s photo. Happy birding!

This photo was taken on September 8th, 2020 in St Ignace, Michigan. This species of bird breeds throughout Northern Michigan, and is commonly associated with coniferous forests. They have lost some considerable breeding habitat due to logging and land conversion, and are commonly parasitized by brown-headed cowbirds. This bird is common in the area, but can be sometimes hard to locate due to its tendency to stay hidden from forest edges. Luckily, this one decided to enjoy a perch on the armchair and become species #1 for the armchair challenge. Good Luck!

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