Mackinac Straits Raptor Watch

Mackinac Straits Raptor Watch is a small, non-profit organization that is dedicated to the research and conservation of raptors in The Straits of Mackinac area, as well as educating the public about the birds and their migration. You might be thinking “that is a lot work for such a small group”, and you would be absolutely right!

That’s why we can use all the volunteer help we can get!  Please review our committee descriptions and some thoughts about MSRW’s volunteer needs.  

You are needed, either for these suggested tasks, or for other things you’d like to do.  Please share your interest and expertise with us, and sign up below to become more involved.

Fundraising Committee:

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for raising money to meet the needs of MSRW, and is authorized to gather information about financial resources, and foster relationships with individuals, organizations, and corporations to fulfill this charge. You can help

  • Register guests at MSRW events and research sites
  • Call guests who had undeliverable email addresses (script provided)
  • Write notes on appeal letters
  • Help fold, stuff, and seal mailings
  • Solicit Silent Auction donations
  • Identify or approach individual or institutional prospects for general support or specific projects
  • Serve on Fundraising Committee to plan and execute these things (limit 8 people)

Research Committee:

The Research Committee is responsible for overseeing all MSRW research projects, ensuring that research is conducted using rigorous scientific standards to further scientific discussion and safely store the data. This research will involve the collection of data regarding migration through the Mackinac Straits area.   You can help

  • Become an assistant counter
  • Translate research results into easily understood formats

Inspire & Inform Committee:

The Inspire and Inform Committee coordinates the development of content for MSRW educational information. It creates experiences involving raptors and their environments to inspire people about the significance of raptors and promote MSRW’s mission.  You can help

  • Launch or help promote Zoom educational programs on MSRW’s work
  • Chair or take other lead role at Mackinaw Raptor Fest
  • Lead or promote field trips to MSRW field research sites
  • Identify events and help operate MSRW booths at them
  • Identify and help set up opportunities for MSRW to speak
  • Become an MSRW spokesperson
  • Help establish MSRW outreach to area schools

Marketing Committee:

The Marketing Committee is charged with developing and implementing MSRW’s strategic communication and marketing plan to share MSRW’s mission, vision, values, and essential news with members, stakeholders, donors, local communities, and the wider hawk watching community; with providing uniformity and guidance in external communications and promotions; with establishing, communicating and assisting with review processes of MSRW external communications; and with overseeing all aspects of the MSRW brand, including logo evolution and use; merchandise creation and sale; and website development, service, and maintenance.  You can help

  • Research and develop print, electronic or on-line media relationships and materials
  • Draft a marketing and communications plan
  • Edit and proofread copy

Operations Committee:

The Operations Committee interviews, arranges contracts, hires, and oversees contractors, handles Board recruitment and development, and oversees internal communications and finances.  You can help

  • Recruit and review contractor candidates
  • Support research contractors with visits, food treats, encouragement on their blogs, etc.
  • Research and identify possible Board candidates for first serving on committee

Finance SubCommittee:

The Finance Sub-Committee is responsible for the fiscal and legal aspects of Mackinac Straits Raptor Watch, including preparing and tracking budgets and submitting required reports.  You can help

  • By bringing fiscal or legal expertise to the committee
  • Assist budget development

Conservation Committee:

The Conservation Committee is responsible for identifying, achieving, or assisting raptor-related conservation projects.  You can help

  • Check that postings to Hawk Migration Association of North America and Dunkadoo are timely and accurate, matching information on the blogs
  • Analyze data to help identify critical habitat for raptors in the Straits of Mackinac
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