A few more species

On Sept. 23 Ed Pike made observations from 7:25 am till 11:10 am; as usual the movement of waterbirds slowed down after the second hour.  There were more species seen moving around the area.  Upon arrival at McGalpin Point I observed as Merlin chasing a passerine which was headed south to shore.  They put on quite a show of twists and turns and loops; when they disappeared behind the trees to the east of me the passerine was still headed for shore.  Today there were 2 Sandhill Cranes actually flying south.  Seen today were D.C. Cormorant 49 total, most still moving west probably in migration.  Canada Goose 28 – headed west,  2 flocks, 7 and 12 headed south.  White-wings Scoter 1.  Red-necked Grebe total 26.  Horned Grerbe 8.  Redhead 179.  C. Loon 1 sitting on the water, 3 flying west, and 17 flying east.  Scaup sp. one flock of 28 and one of 2.  C. Merganser total 15.  Aythya sp. 84.  Duck sp. 109 total.  Merlin 2,  Turkey Vulture 18 headed South.  Broadwinged Hawk 1 came across with some Turkey Vultures.  N. Harrier 1.  Monarch Butterfly 1.

The Raptors started flying across the straits in the third hour after sunrise; the loons were mostly seem during the second and third hours after sunrise.  Made for an interesting morning.

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