April 22nd Waterbird Count Summary

Weather –

Clear, still and cold this morning with a temp of -2.2C. Lots of ice has come back to McGulpin Point which made it unusable to waterbirds. An evening count was made and the temps had climbed to 13.3 C.

Waterbird Notes –

Slow day for waterbirds. LTDU led the count with 410 individuals out in their favorite location along the west side of the shipping channel. CANG continue to be on the move with 149 individuals. COME are steadily increasing in the straits at 58 individuals.

Non- waterbird Notes –

At dawn above the gazebo the resident Merlin was seen nearly taking a passerine above the gazebo. It took several swipes at the bird, but the prey managed to elude this formidable hunter. The forest behind the gazebo is starting to come alive with residents and migrants. A WITU was seen ambling up the road out of the lower parking lot at McGulpin.




Edgar B. Speer west bound 8:07 and Federal Beaufort west bound at 12:00.

Visitors –


Total observer hours – 8.25 ( split count 6:20AM – 12:30 and 5:50PM- 8:00PM)

Next days forecast –

Sunny to partly cloudy. High near 50F. Winds E at 5-10mph.

Todays tally is posted on eBird here.

Total Species: 40

Total Count : 1073

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