April 24th Waterbird Count Summary

Weather –

No wind again this morning and a temperature of 1.7C. The barometer fell slightly. Visibility was excellent but the heat shimmer did appear around 10:30AM. Light cirrus clouds helped provide a blank canvas to spot loons and other waterbirds on.

Waterbird Notes –

The first NSHO (5) of this springs count were spotted flying high and nearly 2 miles away moving west. NOPI (9) were following a similar flight path a few hours later. (2) SUSC were seen very close to McGulpin Point and it was hard to miss their distinctive bill. (30) COLO passed through the straits during the count. (6) HOGR and (2) RNGR were seen flying together low over the water at dawn. Nice to have a side by side comparison to help with estimating the size disparity between the two species. (2) BOGU were spotted for the first time this season flying in the cove to the east of McGulpin.

Non- waterbird Notes –

The resident Merlin greeted me first thing this morning at McGulpin. I appreciate it reminding me whose territory I am in. A resident Osprey was spotted low over the water coming south to McGulpin, another first detection for the season. (2) NOHA crossed the straits, one early and the other just a little before noon. (1) RLHA took the eastern option in the afternoon. No new detections in the forest behind the gazebo, but they are certainly busy with bird life.




Calumet west bound 7:17, Edwin H Gott west bound 12:05.

Visitors –

Ed Pike

Total observer hours – 8.0

Next days forecast –

Partly sunny, with a high near 46. North wind around 10 mph.

Todays tally is posted on eBird here.

Total Species: 44

Total Count : 1261

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