April 29th Waterbird Count Summary

Weather –

Cold and still this morning with a temperature of -2.8C. Light wind of 1-5kph out of the north. Despite the cold it was ideal weather to be making long distance observations of migrating waterbirds.

Waterbird Notes –

WWSC (99) made a good showing today. Another (25) COLO moved through as well. A lone (1) CATE was spotted at the very end of the count. (9) HOGR appear to be growing in numbers each morning.

Non- waterbird Notes –

A lone SNOW was spotted by Leonard Graf moving north across the straits. It would seem the bird moved from somewhere to the west of us, possibly near the headlands. It then crossed low on the water on the preferred flight path of the NOHA. I am hoping that the rarity box will be removed from eBird for McGulpin Point for SNOW as this species is well documented in the straits and should hardly be considered a rarity here. A resident OSPR (1) was spotted coming south to McGulpin Rock late in the morning. A PIWO (1) was pretty active near the point today as well and I would imagine it doesn’t need to worry about the resident Merlin as much as NOFL.




Stewart J. Cort east bound 12:11, Great Republic west bound 12:51 and Innovation west bound 1:38.

Visitors –

Leonard Graf joined me again on his way back south from Whitefish Point. I have really enjoyed birding with Leonard and he has put in the most effort in helping flesh out the count this season. A birder on his way back from Whitefish Point named Randy stopped in and I was happy he was able to see a lifer today of (5) WWSC! Several members of Petoskey Audubon Society dropped by again today.

Total observer hours – 8.0

Next days forecast –

Sunny, high of 62F. Winds south west 10 to 15mph.

Todays tally is posted on eBird here.

Total Species: 35

Total Count : 1209

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