April 4th Waterbird Count Summary

operation get your Nubs on accomplished

Weather –

Nearly 15 inches of snow fell overnight and into the mid- afternoon today. The roads were dangerous with substantial snow drifts. As a result no count was conducted until 6:45PM.  I spent part of the afternoon checking the snow depth and density at Nubs Nob.  50-61kph winds out of the northwest with a temperature of -4C. Wave action was substantial with approximately 4 foot waves out in the straits.

Waterbird Notes –

Very few waterbirds were making use of the straits in these conditions. The exception would be RBME which are some of the most accomplished waterbirds in the straits. Even then with the wave action it was nearly impossible to locate a bird in this rough patch of water.

Non- waterbird Notes –

10 American Crow were detected during the 1 hour count.





Visitors –


Total observer hours – 1

Next days forecast –

30kph winds out of the north west. High of 34.

Todays tally is posted on eBird here.

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