Fall Waterbird Count: Week 8

The week was defined by a consistent, strong SW wind. Counts continue to be productive, including considerable numbers of Loons, Redhead, and Scoters. Migrating dabblers can now be observed more frequently, and flights of these ducks should peak during late October. 

Swans have began to make occasional appearances during the counts. Most initial sightings were of Mute Swans, but two separate pairs of Trumpeter Swans have also been observed headed South. Notably, a single Tundra Swan was found resting at Pt Labarbe on October 14th. 

The recent SW winds have been favorable to see jaegers passing through the Straits, likely blown in from the open water of Lake Michigan. From the 13-15th, four separate jaeger sightings occurred, all birds transiting E through the straits at high speeds. Only two of the four were successfully ID’d as Parasitic Jaegers. Factors such as excessive distance can prevent key features from being discerned. 

White-winged Scoters – McGulpin Point 10/07/22

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