Eagles steal the show. 4/11/15

Golden Eagle, immature
Golden Eagle, immaturen
Look up!
Look up!
Bald Eagles, adult and immature
Bald Eagles, adult and immature

Migration was strong today and Red-tailed Hawks were the dominant sighting. The first immature RT of the season soared over. A large group of hawk watchers were treated to several low altitude fly overs of both Bald and Golden Eagles. First an immature BE was joined by an adult BE as they circled directly over the gawking crowd below. The excitement peaked when a stunning immature Golden Eagle soared in tandem with an immature Bald Eagle . They passed over the amazed hawk watchers twice before continuing north. Lots of oohs and ahhs and clicking cameras were heard. Even the first time visitors to the hawk watch were enthralled by this spectacle. Keep your eyes to the skies!

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