Day of Diversity 4/14/15

image image  imageToday was a very rare day at the hawk watch. Every regularly occurring species of raptor ( 15 species) on the checklist was seen on this day. All 3 falcon species, all 3 Accipitors , the 4 Buteos, both Eagles, Osprey, Turkey Vulture, and Northern Harrier . The season’s first Broad-winged Hawk made it back from South America and soon there were hundreds moving north. Red-tails were steady all day with many kettles overhead. A very cooperative Perigrine flew directly over the counters not just once, but returned for an encore .
Visitors from the Thunder Bay Audubon enjoyed the day at the count, but had to leave without seeing a Golden Eagle when a handsome immature GE soared by just in time. I think they toasted that one at the Keyhole Bar down the street.  Other highlights were the first of season Osprey and a couple of dark morph Red-tails and an intermediate morph bird that was a beautiful rufous color.

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