Website Updates and How to See the Numbers

Hello all,

I’ve made a couple of changes to the website tonight and I wanted to share the most excited of those changes. Under the “Galleries” menu I have added a Video Gallery page. These are some videos that show raptors as you might see them while visiting the raptor watch site this spring (although, hopefully your hands might be steadier than mine!). Not only can you get a feel for what you might see during the count, but you can use these videos to study the identification of various raptors in flight before visiting the site.

I have also included another menu item – called Raptor Numbers” that links to our site’s details at This is where all of our count number are entered on a daily basis. You can check back each day to see what was counted that day and where the numbers stand for the month.

We’re off to a great season already! I hope you enjoy these updates!

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