Hawk Count – Oct. 26

After a couple of days of windy rainy weather today seemed like it should be a good day for migration. Ed Pike, Steve Baker, Bruce Seeger, and Jack and Bev Kirby counted raptors migrating south across the Straits. It was partly cloudy at the start (10 am) and about 40 degrees with light winds from the east, becoming mostly cloudy after noon with the winds staying mostly light from the east till about 3:30. I expected to see some Sharpies moving right away and did not. The first raptor to fly south was a Red-tail. It appears the Sharpies may be about done heading south with only 2 seen today. With the east winds the Raptors were moving south along the west side of Point LaBarbe. After noon there was a good push of raptors mostly just visible to the west and very high. A few Red-shouldered and Rough-legged Hawks were seen and some Turkey Vultures. Between 12 and 3:30 many Red-tailed Hawks headed south. Very few were right over head; most were to the west with some kettles of 50 to 60 birds building and then heading south with more quickly filling in. It was a busy afternoon made easier with all the helpers keeping an eye on birds moving in and moving south. Big thanks to the helpers.
Totals are below:
Turkey Vulture 85
Golden Eagle 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk 2
Bald Eagle 5
Red-shouldered hawk 5
Red-tailed hawk 684
Rough-legged Hawk 2

Common Loon 1

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