Hawk Watch, April 22

As I had hoped, today was a pretty great day for both raptor movement and weather. It was the first big push of Broad-winged Hawks of the season. It was also our largest Sharp-shinned Hawk day thus far. We also saw a good number of both Bald and Golden Eagles. I missed a Northern Goshawk while using the bathroom, reinforcing that you should never use the bathroom while at the hawk watch.

Aside from the raptors, one of the major highlights was a lone American White Pelican soaring around with the raptors for a little while before heading south west. The Killdeer mother did not lay a second egg while we were there, but it’s likely that she did later in the day.

Other highlights: at least 13 Northern Red-tailed Hawks and 3 dark morph Red-tailed Hawks.

Turkey Vulture – 71
Osprey – 3
Bald Eagle – 16
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 57
Northern Goshawk – 1
Red-shouldered Hawk – 4
Broad-winged Hawk – 792
Red-tailed Hawk – 83
Rough-legged Hawk – 3
Golden Eagle – 4

Sandhill Crane – 25
Common Loon – 1

Juvenile dark morph Red-tailed Hawk
Second-year (due to retained juvenile primaries and secondaries) dark morph Red-tailed Hawk
Adult Northern Red-tailed Hawk
American White Pelican

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