Hawk Watch, April 26

After a bit of a rain and fog delay, a nice amount of raptors started moving. The majority of birds appeared to be crossing the Straits, despite an easterly wind. A good assortment of raptors passed by and it ended up being our largest Northern Harrier movement so far this season.

The Killdeer nest at our primary watch site now has 4 eggs, which may mean the mother will start incubating now, or perhaps there are more eggs to come. If only the east winds would stop so I could actually hawk watch from that site and monitor the nest.

Turkey Vulture – 40
Osprey – 3
Bald Eagle – 2
Northern Harrier – 25
Sharp-shinned Hawk – 45
Broad-winged Hawk – 349
Red-tailed Hawk – 21
Rough-legged Hawk – 3
Golden Eagle – 1

Sandhill Crane – 24
Common Loon – 6

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