Island Count- Broad-Wings

They have finally started arriving! One of the great parts of migration is seeing large kettles of Broad-winged Hawks. Their migration time is shorter and more condensed than that of other more commonly known hawks. Most people (non-birders) might know a Red-tailed Hawk if they saw one, but have probably never knowingly seen a Broad-winged Hawk. However, when these smaller buteos do come through, they come through with a bang!

I’ve been getting a few broad-wings on the nice days this past week or so. I know the big push of them is yet to come. Yesterday I was happy doubling my season total for the species with 27. Today blew that out of the water with 382 Broad-winged Hawks making their appearance! Also in showing were 150 Sharp-shinned Hawks, almost 100 Red-tailed Hawks, several Golden Eagles, and 10 Bald Eagles. All-in-all, not too shabby, though that many birds makes a hectic day, especially if they are distant or kettle in multiple groups at a time. I am both looking forward too and dreading the big days ahead!

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