Late migration waterbird count

On Nov 10, 2015 Ed Pike conducted the last scheduled waterbird count from 7:50 am till 10 am.  The count was slow with few birds moving.  The winds were light from the south which probably kept many birds from migrating or even moving around.  Conditions over the water were hazy leading to a reduced visibility making it difficult to see across the Straits.

C. Merganser 4, Gadwall 1, Long-tailed Duck 11, C. Goldeneye 1, C. Loon 3 sitting on the water with 1 flying toward the east.  Swan sp. 2 flying south, and Duck sp. 8.

Although we did not document large numbers of waterbirds migrating through the Straits area we did have some interesting sightings as with the Common Egrets seen early in the count period.  The numbers of loons counted over the fall shows a large number of Loons migrate through the Straits area.  Although the count of Redheads was not large on a daily basis from McGalpin Point, counts taken from the area at the north end of the Mackinac Bridge give an estimate of 5000 on Nov. 2.  Daily counts for 8 hours would definitely increase the numbers and possilbly the species counted.

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