May 4th Waterbird Count Summary

Weather –

Heavy rain started early this morning. Upon arrival at McGulpin Point I was able to make out the bridge and its lights in the distance. By dawn fog had rolled in and visibility was limited to 500 meters in any direction. I waited in the car until 8:30AM hoping the visibility would improve but it didn’t. I returned in the evening and began counting a little after 4:00PM. It was still mostly cloudy at the time with a north west wind 6-11kph. Temperature was 10.6C. Visibility was greatly diminished by haze from all of the moisture still in the air and heat shimmer.

Waterbird Notes –

I believe this is now the 3rd time I have tried counting in the late afternoon until a little before sunset. After this evenings count I realized there is more birds moving in the late afternoon than there has been on any of the evenings I have counted. Visibility is noticeably better in the afternoon as well as the sun is behind me and cuts through some of the heat shimmer. A couple (2) COLO came through near the beginning of this evenings count. (13) HOGR were loafing in the vicinity. The sheer lack of birds moving through the area has made it apparent to me counting in the evening is not a productive use of time nor is it a good reflection of migrants use of the straits.

Non- waterbird Notes –

A (1) WITU surprised me coming out of the woods to eat some of the scattered black oil sunflower seed under one of the feeders. Nothing else special to report as it was even slow behind the gazebo this evening.


RESQ stopped by for some late snack crackers. Shortly after the first 2 black squirrels of the season were detected.



Visitors –

A woman from Carp Lake stopped by and together with the Merlin Bird ID app we were able to narrow down the little ducks she likes so much at Carp Lake: Bufflehead.

Total observer hours – 4.75

Next days forecast –

Sunny with a high of 60F. Winds out of the north 10mph.

Todays tally is posted on eBird here.

Total Species: 21

Total Count : 226

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