Quick update on season so far and what’s been happening lately.

Hi all! I am back again as spring hawk counter after a very enjoyable fall season at Point LaBarbe. I look forward to seeing lots of you raptor enthusiasts at the watch as the birds get more numerous and the days continue to get warmer.

So far, it has been a very good Golden Eagle spring. As many of you might already be aware of, we had a near record day on March 12 with 75 recorded, the second highest single-day total for the site. We are perhaps on a record pace for the season as a whole; only time will tell.

Lately, Red-tailed Hawks have become the dominant raptor at the watch. We are also seeing very good numbers of Red-shouldered Hawks and are perhaps on a record pace for that species overall. Below is the overall summary for the spring thus far.

Turkey Vulture 14

Bald Eagle 173

Northern Harrier 2

Sharp-shinned Hawk 13

Cooper’s Hawk 1

Northern Goshawk 2

Red-shouldered Hawk 125

Red-tailed Hawk 517

Rough-legged Hawk 33

Golden Eagle 176

American Kestrel 3

Merlin 6

Peregrine Falcon 2

Total 1,067

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