Waterbird Count – 24 August

Things were starting to heat up at the waterbird count today! We had gorgeous weather, and finally had a little bit of duck movement with a handful of mallards and a group of scoters. Unfortunately they were too far into the heat shimmer to tell if they were White-wings or Surf, but they appeared to be White-wings based on flight style. Also had a good number of monarchs coming across the lake throughout the day after it warmed up in the morning, which was nice to see.

Mallard – 3

Hooded Merganser – 6

Common Loon – 1

Red-necked Grebe – 75

Double-crested Cormorant – 24

scoter sp. – 6

Ring-billed Gull – 3

Herring Gull – 33


other species:

Turkey Vulture – 1

American Crow – 3

Monarch Butterfly – 16


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