Waterbird Count, May 12 (Evening Census)

With the fading light the winds began to fall further than earlier today, but the heat shimmer had grown far more intense.  Though the common species were still out in force, this marks the first evening census to include species that were not documented earlier the same day, or even recently.  With a single Common Goldeneye and half a dozen Redheads, the sunset has brought out birds the sunrise could not.  Unfortunately the same could not be said about the insects, as they seemed to be out in greater numbers than earlier today.  There were plenty of visitors enjoying the sunset on the lake shore, though very few actually approached me to inquire what I was doing.

Redhead – 6
Long-tailed Duck – 1079
Common Goldeneye – 1
Common Merganser – 5
Red-breasted Merganser – 245
Double-crested Cormorant – 39
duck sp. – 8
Common Tern – 3

Other Species:
Killdeer – 1

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